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I help business owners, success-driven individuals and solo entrepreneurs use tech skills and digital online tools confidently & successfully.

Donna Denise Scharnagl

Business Growth with

Web Literacy.


You can juggle a 6 figure budget, run an international board meeting, plan a multi-lingual marketing program 

But  you have no idea how to update your plug-ins, tag someone in social media, program a newsletter or create a Call-to-Action?


About my services.

Know-How & Confidence

that is what I offer...

✔︎  Do you want to feel competent behind the keyboard?

  • Installing applications
  • Downloading docs
  • Organizing your computer

✔︎  Are you looking for answers to everyday online situations?

  • Creating documents, sheets, presentations
  • Navigating search engines

✔︎  Have you ever wanted to explore what it means to use the “Cloud”?

  • Learn about Google online tools
  • Share info with others easily
  • Save your docs & photos

✔︎  Having trouble coordinating social media and your marketing goals?

  • Create a content calendar
  • Design posts
  • Learn how to engage

✔︎  Are you struggling to be seen in the search engine results?

  • Start with simple SEO Tools
  • Build you online trust factor

✔︎  Do you want assistance on how to create original content?

  • Analyse your target audience
  • Identify topics
  • Create compelling content

Contact me and let’s make a plan on how you can best acquire the skills you want, as soon as possible.

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Web Literacy Sessions with Your Friendly Digital Coach

Set & Achieve your Goals


Private or Small Groups

Support & accountability

When you are a business owner or solo entrepreneur – it can be so frustrating.  There can be so much work on your desk, that deadlines seem to slip by without creating a bleep on your radar. 

We all need someone that helps us keep our focus on the end result – reminding us of our goals. Someone that will keep you focused, offer encouragement and help you brainstorm solutions.


  • An author and an alternative health care practitioner, I ask Donna to assist with my two established websites, which target these very different markets. She doesn’t miss a beat. She anticipates my needs. She is cheerful and persevering. She shows up and follows through. She has a good sense of humour and convinces me to take risks and try new ways of putting the word out. We work face-to-face at present and have also worked online as well. I have benefitted from her services for close to two years.
    Robbins, L.A.
    Robbins Homeopathy
  • Donna's expertise has been a valuable resource for my business. The social media counsel has been in-depth and strategic. Her business strategy and planning guidance has helped me maximize what I was already doing. The web design has been very resourceful. She was able to find the right plugins and useful resources that were beyond my expectations and are very useful and time-saving! Great tools that are saving me an incredible amount of time.
    Evertsen, Heather
  • Thanks to a private online conference, I was able to review and understand the mechanics of Google Analytics from the comfort of my home. Donna used real-life scenarios to help me grasp the basics and implement the necessary tools to get the results I wanted and exactly when I needed them.
    Rachal, Erika
    PR Manager