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Donna Denise Scharnagl :: Your Friendly Digital Coach
Passion & Story

Denise Scharnagl

She works with you, listens to what you hope to do, then suggests ways to more effectively generate new business by revising strategy, refining image and  rewording content to hook the reader. 

Energetic and enthusiastic, she goes beyond her prescribed role to show how you might broaden your target market, focus your vision, streamline your message. She uses language you can understand and provides easy to follow training to conquer the digital world.

Qualtiy and Inspiration

Her service is personal, her style is collaborative, and you can always expect her to go the extra mile to help you achieve satisfying results. With over 25 years of hands-on experience creating online content, online reputation and website design

Her commitment to her your success she has developed an impressive reputation in the areas she has serviced – just take one quick look at her testimonials …

Love what I do

Helping others achieve their goals energizes me.  

Always Something New

Working with others gives me the opportunity to learn something new

Show & Let Learn

I have always loved the story “give them a fish and they eat for the day, teach them to fish and the can eat for life.”

I believe in the same concept for web literacy.  I can do it for you – and upon request, I will – but if you want to learn how to deal with the internet and digital tools, then I prefer to teach you how to do it on your own. 

Going Beyond

Setting goals and achieving them is satisfying – go beyond is exhilerating.

Creating Opportunities

Offering an atmosphere that encourages others to look for something new & better