Mission Statement. - Your Friendly Digital Coach

Mission Statement.

Supporting Growth

Web Literacy

Transform the computer and internet skills into a friendly, accessible experience by teaching individuals how to confidently make use of online marketing resources for their personal and business success.


Get the most out of your computer and the many tools available for creating content, saving & elaborating photos or videos

Internet Skills

How to navigate Google searches or how to navigate your website, how to set-up your email account to how to use the “cloud”

Making the Digital World Accessible

We are living in age where digital transformation is growing faster than we are – where the wealth of information and online tools available are constantly renewing themselves.

Who can keep up with it all ?! 

I work with people of all ages, different backgrounds and cultural experiences, and education levels to acquire the competency and self-possession they want when dealing with computers, website creation, social media, content creation, marketing goals and the organisational strategies.

Marketing Resources

Understanding & utilizing search engines, social media platforms, content marketing & calendar, analytics for your website and more

Your Success

Define what your personal & business success look like and then acquire the skills & confidence necessary to achieve them