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Learning for all Levels

Confidence on the Computer

Website navigation & SEO (search engine optomizing)

Social Media, working in the cloud & online tools

Media Marketing, Newsletters & email campaigns

Creating & programming original content

OBM - Your online business manager :: Donna Scharnagl :: Your Friendly Digital Coach
Online Accountability Coach

1-2-1 Brainstorming

As a solo entrepreneur, it can be difficult and frustrating to program new websites and social media accounts, creating plans for growth, organizing product launches, content calendars, email campaigns, and company strategies on your own.

And we all know, there is more to success than just planning – there is follow-thru, the ability to keep your key on the ultimate goal and maneuver everyday obstacles.

Private & Small Group Lessons :: Donna Scharnagl :: Your Friendly Digital Coach
Web Literacy Tutorials

Private & Group Tutorials

Questions arise all the time when you work with search engines, social media, browsers, servers, websites, and your digital presence. Video tutorials are great in a last-minute fix  – until they start pointing at buttons that don’t exist and links that don’t work and offering information that was valid in 2016.

Today’s businesses must incorporate online tools, social media, original content, & search engine optimizing skills.

Need Help?

I invite you to sign up for a free 1-hour consultation where will be discuss how I can best support you and your success.

Building Skills to Improve Your Online Game

I work with solo business owners to transform the computer & internet into a friendly, accessible experience by teaching you how to confidently use the online marketing resources for your personal and business success.
I will assist you on how to use the marketing tools in a way that benefits your business and we will do it
  • in a language you understand
  • in an environment where you feel comfortable
  • with hands on experiences 
Marketing with Original Content :: Donna Scharnagl :: Your Friendly Digital Coach
Build Trust & Credibility

Content Marketing

Creating original content for your market is how you distinguish yourself from the competition. It is how you increase credibility, build trust, and how you can connect directly with your target audience. It also helps to organically improve your rankings in the search engine.

We can work together to establish your target audience, identifying what they need to hear and develop engaging content that attracts their attention.

Creating a Community for Success

Social Media for Business

When someone tells me that social media doesn’t work for them – I always wonder, as they working on social media or are they just dipping their toes in it. Because social media should be approached with dedication and a strategy to for effective results.

Social media can be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business organically, open new markets, cultivate one-to-one contact with potential clients, and improve ROI. It is a win-win activity.